PHP Advanced String Classes

PHP Advanced String Classes
PHP Advanced String Classes

This is the complete multi-byte and binary safe PHP string processing solution that enables you to: validate input data types (alpha, numeric, date, IP, email, URL, hex), change case, apply string effects (shorten, shuffle, scramble, reverse, make URL SEO friendly), generate passwords, generate GUIDs, process and extract characters, words and sentences, compute statistics (word count, unique word count, char count), numbers extraction, substring searching and replacing, padding, trimming, splitting, word wrapping, html processing, encrypting, encoding, censoring, spell checking, spell auto correcting etc.
All the methods and classes have full support for any language character set or alphabet through a customizable configuration class.
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Main Features
full multi-byte and binary safe support;
multilanguage support: UTF-8 customizable alphabet set (letters and digits);
string loading from urls or local files;
data type validations: alpha, numeric, alphanumeric, date, integer, float, IP address, email addresss, URL, HTML hex color, casing;
string casing: uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, random case, capital case;
string effects: shorten, emphasize, character shuffling, word scrambling, reversing, URL SEO friendly;
string altering and modification: inserting, appending, replacing, padding, trimming, splitting, wrapping;
string generators: password, GUIDs, repeater, number spelling;
string checking: methods like endsWith, startsWith, compare, inRange, contains;
string data extracting: characters, unique characters, words, unique words, numbers, searching;
statistics: string length, character counting, unique character counting, word counting, unique word counting;
HTML string processing: converting to HTML compatible, tag enclosing;
string encoding: base64, rot13, Uu, HTML;
string encrypting: md5, sha1, crc32;
string computations: soundex, soundex similarity percent, metaphone, metaphone similarity percent, intersection, levenshtein, levensthein similarity percent, sounds like similarity;
dictionary based string censoring;
dictionary based or custom service based spell checking: misspelled words emphasizing and auto correcting;
exhaustive documentation;
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